Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Countdown: 5 Months

In five months I'll board a plane in San Antonio and fly to Houston. From Houston I take a flight to Seattle. In Seattle I change planes and fly the final leg to Anchorage. Its really going to happen.

A month ago I wasn't so certain. I was still trying to scape up the money and the airline tickets are one of the largest costs in this trip's budget. When we were home in Nacogdoches over Labor Day, my Dad offered to pay for my flights. That made everything possible.

Cousin Lisa found the best routes and prices. She got us a very good deal, I think. So, I'm preparing my Alaskan winter gear, buying good cold weather clothing, and making arrangements in Anchorage.

This will be my travel journal for my return to Alaska. Its been thirty seven years since I left, much will have changed.