Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Arrived and tired

I've flown from San Antonio to Houston, Houston to Seattle and finally Seattle to Anchorage. Each stop was fairly short and I didn't have to try to run across the airport to make my next flight.
Cousin Lisa made it easy for me.

At the Seattle airport I switched carriers to Alaska Airlines. At the gate I met Jan & Walt Tremer who were on the same plane to Anchorage. I feel like I know them already because of all the chatter on the Idita-Support mail list. They were wearing their Larry & Zorro patches on their parkas. I guess I can expect to meet alot of folks wearing them.

At 6:30 pm Anchorage time, I arrived. Tired from sitting nearly immobilized in cramped airline seats for almost 10 hours. I found my friend Helen who came to meet me and she had my two trunks that I had shipped here two weeks ago. Hooray! I'm checked into my hotel room and have had a hot bowl of soup for dinner. I'm set for going to Wasilla for the Vet Check tomorrow.

Its about 20' and there is snow on the ground. Its cold and I'm having flashbacks to 1971.

More tomorrow,

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LBBeard said...

Fantastic! Rest, and mush, mush, tomorrow! Love, lb